Last Chance to Purchase "In Service to the Dream"

Mythos Productions, the film company that made "In Service to the Dream," is currently selling off the last of the copies of the SCA documentary. The company will *not* be going out of business, but will be closing its store. In Service to the Dream is a documentary about the SCA, featuring footage from several events as well as interviews with SCA members. The production company has announced that it will close its store, not its doors.

The web site (linked above) offers posters, t-shirts, hats, and links to sites where the sound track can be purchased on CD. They also are still selling VHS video copies of the film, though not the DVD version.

Thanks to Grizel (Midrealm) for posting an announcement on this topic to the Middlebridge.

Editor's note: The original post stating that the production company would close March 1, 2004 was modified by request of Mythos Productins.