New Feature for Newswire visitors can now use a simple form at the bottom of the site's home page to scan for news within a given time period. The form at the bottom of the newswire allows you to put in a starting and ending date that will cause the news to be retrieved for that time period (inclusive) rather than the default of the last 30 stories.

Please note that this feature will currently show you only 30 stories (maximum) meeting the time period. Greater flexibility will be offered soon, but in the meantime it is best to select a fairly small date range.

The format of the dates you enter is very flexible. Values like "last monday" and "yesterday" and "today" are perfectly valid, as are dates such as "Oct 15, 2002" or "August 9" (the current year is assumed). If you leave either the from or the through field empty, the system will not limit in that direction (earlier or later, respectively).

Feel free to experiment! The worst that will happen is that you will get an error message about no stories meeting your selection criteria. If that happens, just click on our logo to go back to the home page.

NOTE: This feature is also available in our automated "syndication" news feeds. Please click on the "Syndication" link from the home page for technical details.