"Mo" Ransomed in the East Kingdom

Lady Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri of the Northern Shores Royal Travel Fund in the East Kingdom has announced that thanks to the generosity of many good gentles "Mo" has been ransomed from Robin the Hood for a sum of $125.49 CDN. In a non-sanctioned, non-tax-deductable, SCA fundraiser, "Help Free Mo," attendees at recent East Kingdom events were begged to contribute to a fund to help ransom their beloved "Mo." (The fundraiser was actually to benefit the Northern Shores Travel Fund to assist with travel expenses for royalty in the northern region of the Kingdom.) The benefit garnered $125.49 CDN and Mo was released.

Robin the Hood and his Merry Men captured Mo, Commander of the Boreal Army West Detachment, last year, asking a huge ransom. While the ransom was collected and Mo freed, Robin and his cohorts managed to escape.

To view a photo of the captive Mo, click on the header above. (We are assured that no Mos were injured in the production of this poster.)