[WES] Celtic Games and Festival

Fall is upon us and our flocks have once again faired well and fattened during the summer.  Our hardy sheep were strong enough to withstand Winter as his wrath rose against our hapless Barony; but a new threat has arisen.  Enemies are rumoured to be stirring in the North and once again it seems we must protect our flocks . . .

It is a time for gathering of the clans and Celtic games.  A tournament will there be held to test the mettle, hone the skills and liven the spirits of our men and maids at arms, brave and fair.  Contests of strength, kilts, skill, kilts and stamina and kilts.  Did I mention KILTS  Don your best Celtic dress, KILTS, Irish dresses etc and celebrate our Celtic traditions.  Learn the meaning of such terms as 'spun wool'.

As in past games there will be both team and individual contests.  Individual contests - axe-holding, tug o'war, Scottish wrestling and Best knees in a KILT (by populace vote).  Three person teams - tug o'war and heavy fighting (melee). And there maybe a twist. (so sayeth the Mad Baroness)  RULES: Enter as many contests as you want, the more entries, the more points you accumulate.  Points will be awarded for entering and for winning.  Overall winner of individual competitions and consort  will be named Laird and Lady of the Heather.

Contests for anyone!  Scottish food (may be separate from your potluck dish)  Best dressed sheep or other animal.  If we can arrange a Ceilidh (bardic) Best Celtic song or poem.  Can be performed at feast.  Did I mention KILTS?!  A best knees contest.

Feast is potluck with meat dish being furnished. Please bring a potluck dish (please include a list of ingredients) by your modern last name.  A-E Dessert;  F-J vegetables;  K-P breads and spreads and cheeses:  Q - Z starches (potatoes, rice, pasta).

SITE:  David Green Park  On the corner of 36th and MacInnes,  Anchorage, Alaska
SITE OPENS:  10 am   CLOSES:  9 pm

              Tournament  12 Noon

              Feast             5 pm

              Caeilidh (Bardic)          9 pm if location can be found.

SITE FEE:        Adults:   $7.00  CHILDREN  12 and under  $4.00    CHILDREN UNDER 3:  Free
NOTE:  New non-member charge is applicable.

Autocrat:  Elspeth Bouchannane edenwild AT acsalaska DOT net.