The Witches of Suffolk

East Anglian Daily Times: Macabre finds at Suffolk, England's Rookyard Farm have residents wondering about witchcraft. Rookyard Farm, an eight-bedroom home near Stowmarket, England, is old enough to have been listed in the Domesday Book, but the mummified cat, witch's broom, skull and shoes discovered in a wall recently probably date to the 16th or 17th century when witchcraft was a real fear among village people. The police have removed the skull to determine if it is human, but owners Liza and Charles Mesquita, who purchased the farm two years ago, are fascinated with the finds and intend to put them back in the wall. Liza Mesquita is a journalist who has done her homework.

"I've being doing some research on the internet. The shoes would have warded off the evil eye, shoes were a valuable piece of clothing and the evil eye would have thought that was where the person was."

The couple feels the home is still a happy place, but they will have it blessed anyway.

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