[ART] Hearthwarming

You're all invited to the grand weekend where merriment and adventure and fun should only begin. There be many a thing for the smalls to all do. Should you have a fancy to swish it around, there might be some blades standing their ground.

Armor, sword, and board you may have a desire for earning your way to the top of these lands.  Or knock back an arrow and let loose on a stack. Torchlight with boffers, Oh what fun to be had! So come out and spend some time with us all, it will be grand to sit near the falls. Should you seek only relaxation and accompaniment of good friends, there will be plenty of time to relax if that's what you will, I await you dear friends so sit and regale. Should you have the need for a caber toss, or share your voice around some warm rocks. Maybe you have a coin purse that's flat you could sell your wears, I need a new hat?!? We welcome you tradesperson from near and a far, we pray your purses overflow with an abundance of coin when you sail. Sell all your wares we really don't mind.
So hear me, my friends as I crie out cross the lands, Spread the word, or pass it by hand. We welcome you all with open arms; we'll send you off with memories and charms. Well they ask me my friends how much will it cost. I opened my purse and let out the moths. They found us a place called Niagara Springs where they say the site fee will be $14 for those aged above 14 and $7 for those that are under, six and under are free, to park and camp there.  Should you bring the lot site fee family cap is $42 (2adults,3 smalls) Where food can be found for the weekend prepared, $24 for adults for all weekend long, $12 for youth 13 on to 6, $6 for smalls five fingers or younger. For those that feast only Saturday night $13 for adults, $7 for 13 to 6, And $4 for 5 and under.
The whole thing kicks off round about noon, on Friday of August the 20th day, it continues on till Sunday the 22th day of the month at four in the noon. To save you a spot we would ask you to tell.  So let us all know of your plans to be there contact below and we'll feather you in.
Autocrat: Lady Ealusaid inghean Lughaidh lady_ofdance@hotmail.com
Co-Autocrat: He Baroness Petronilla of Argyll  Lady_petronilla@yahoo.com

Feastocrat: m'lord Russ Hansen email: svein_the_wise@hotmail.com
  Should you have Dietary concerns please contact for information.

Directions: From I-84 take the Wendell exit #157. Proceed south (Sheild side lest thou art left handed then turn thy wagon to the sword side instead) toward the canyon. Traveling approximately 9 miles, the road will turn and head down into the canyon, continue on the road to the site. There will be SCA signs starting at the I-90 exit.

We now also have GPS coordinates for those that are so inclined:

N 42 39’ 48.1”
W 114  40” 12.9”