Son crowns mother in Lochac

At Mid-winter Coronation in Ildhafn, Edmund of Shotley crowned his mother, Leonore d'Scotia as Queen of Lochac on the tenth day of July, AS XLV.

This display of filial devotion is the first for Lochac and occurred in the beautiful St Luke's Church, Auckland.

Another rare pleasure was the presence of the Palatine Baroness and Baron of the Far West, Abe Akirakeiko and Ii Katsumori.

Title Correction

Sorry to nitpick but Abe Akirakeiko is the Palatine Baroness, having won the A&S Coronet tourney for Ii Katsumori; they are properly the Palatine Baroness and Baron.


Not pointing it out to diminish Baron Ii's work, as he has done amazing things for the Barony and they are both personal friends, just trying to be totally accurate for people who don't know.


Saito Takauji

Their former Seneschal ;)

Title correction

Thank you for the correction. In our locale, Baronial couples are usually selected together by appointment of Their Majesties, and so both members of the couple are of equal precedence, and order of mention is not significant.

Thank you for the additional information; I have corrected the story. Please let me know if I still have something wrong, as we do not intend offense.

Kind regards,