Archaeological find inspires construction of Iron Age chariot

In 2001 Mike Loades was asked to  "co-ordinate the reconstruction and field-testing of an Iron Age Chariot for a Meet The Ancestors" program on BBC. His documentation of his work is available in PDF format online.

From the document's introduction:

A few months earlier archaeologists had unearthed the remains of a 4th century BC vehicle in a grave at Wetwang, which lies between York and Bridlington in the open country of the Wolds. It is an area well known for its chariot burials. Nearby Garton Station, Garton Slack and Kirkburn have all yielded vehicles in the soil as well as three previous finds at Wetwang.

The plan was to build a vehicle based as closely as possible on this latest find. Of course, the evidence was incomplete and where this was so, we would have to draw on other examples and look for clues in a wide variety of archaeological remains, texts and pictorial representations.