[CAL] Tournament of the Virgin’s Breasts

Come join the Barony of Forgotten Sea for a weekend of tournaments, A&S classes, competitions, feasting and revelry – all for a very good cause.  All event proceeds for the weekend will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation for Breast Cancer Research.

New Site for Forgotten Sea:
Hollis Renewal Center
11414 Kansas Avenue
Kansas City, KS 66111-1018
(913) 441-0451

Site Opens 6pm, Friday, August 20th
Site Closes noon, Sunday, August 22nd

Activities will include:

    * Amazing tournaments – run by HE Trevor of Chinon
    * Breast Related A&S classes
    * A&S Competitions
          o Best Breast in Any Medium
          o Best Historical Use of the Color Pink
          o Best Use of Pink in a Fighting Rig/Crest
    * Italian Feast by Ld Robert Lector of Reading
    * Test your knowledge in a pilgrimage for St. Agatha run by HL Lorraine Devereaux
    * Charity Auction (donations gleefully accepted!)
    * An Inn will be available on site for lunch, run by Ly Alianora Jehanette de Olamndiers

Camping is encouraged, and the site is discretely wet (i.e. period containers and clean up your empties!)

Site Fee:
$12 for Adults
$10 for children ages 6-17
Free for children under 6
Make Checks Payable to SCA Inc. – Barony of Forgotten Sea

Feast Fee:
Above the Salt $15 (limited - 25 people)
Below the Salt $5 (limited - 35 people)
Reservations for feast should be sent to the event steward.
Questions regarding ingredients and food preparation should be sent to the feast steward.