AnTir Coronation Court Creates Eleven New Peers

The outgoing Majesties of AnTir honored many subjects in a nine-hour, marathon closing court at the kingdom's January 10, 2004 Twelfth Night and Coronation. THL Fionn B� MacAoidh writes:

I just got back from Twelfth Night, and all I can say is "WOW!"

Despite their best efforts, Their Majesties Outgoing had a closing court that ran about 9 hours. It was pretty interesting, though, and I actually sat through most of it (taking an occassional rest break). One reason that Gunnar and Gabrielle's court ran so long was that there were 6(?) Pelican and 5 Laurel ceremonies, and two squires went on vigil before accepting the accolade of Knighthood, as well as a new Lion of An Tir being made, along with a fair number of Awards of Arms, Gouttes de Sang, and Jambes de Leon.

To my mind, two of the most inspirational of these were the admission of Valodar Ivanovich into the Order of the Pelican, and Cystennin ap Geraint's admission to the Order of the Laurel. The single most inspiring award, for me, was the Crown's recognition of Master Grendal as a Lion of An Tir. (Lions aren't created by kings, their qualities are publicly recognized and appreciated by kings.)

The Coronation of Skapti and Asa was a very moving experience, moreso I think, than almost any other than I can recall.

Upon accepting His Crown, King Skapti acknowledged the contributions, support, and incredible amounts of work that Queen Asa has put into his previous reigns. He further proclaimed that he couldn't have become the king that he is without her - and he meant it.

The first piece of business in the new Court was a statement that those who actively serve in the modern military services are, by their sacrifices in so doing, allowing the rest of us the opportunity to "play our game" without fear, and in peace and safety.

Therefore, Their Majesties An Tir have proclaimed that those An Tirians who have served, are presently serving, and will serve in the future in the military throughout the present conflicts, are worthy of receiving the Throne's Favour.

What a King! What a Queen! Their Words and Deeds, Past and Present, make me take great pride in being An An Tirian - and Their subject.

May They live long and continue to rule well

Long Live King Skapti! Long Live Queen Asa!


Unka Fionn