Tournaments Illuminated seeks metal-working articles

Tournaments Illuminated Editor, Mistress Doria Tecla, is requesting submission of articles dealing with the field of metal working for the Fourth Quarter (2010) issue of the publication.

Mistress Doria writes:

Our upcoming Quest Article is "Hints for the SCA Metal Worker" with Guest Editor Scott Jaqua | Njall Olaf Hagerson. No matter what your skill level, no matter what field of metal working: If you have a hint or trick that helps you get the best results in your project, we want to hear it. Is it an easy to build forge or foundry? Or is it a field expedient trick you came up with in pinch? Can you easily convert a large work shop into something you can take to events? What about your favorite project to teach new students?

Whatever your hint, trick or project, tell us about it. Send us an e-mail sharing your expertise (up to 200 words) to by August 7, 2010, and it may be included in the Fourth Quarter (2010) Issue of Tournaments Illuminated.

Submission of any work to TI constitutes permission to publish said work without compensation. The author retains all original copyrights.