[NOR] Youth Get A Castle, The Adults Get A Tent

Caer Anterth Mawr's Youth Event The Youth Get A Castle, The Adults Get A Tent! Oct 15th to 17th, 2010

5 PM Friday - 11 AM Sunday
(Staff: 1 PM Friday - 12 PM Noon Sunday)

Site: Bay Lakes Boy Scout Camp in Kiel, WI (north of Sheboygan)

Event Steward:
Nikea deLeon of the Isle of Lesvbos

Event Steward
Elspeth O'Leary

For several reasons, it is very important that we have a close count of those planning to attend! (In fact, if you wish to sleep on site, in a building or in your own tent, pre-registration is required.)

This event will be putting our youth in the position of what we adults do and love to do in the SCA. They will compete for the Crown in a Capture the Flag style game with a Viking Ship and a Castle as home bases. They will hold Court and Feast. A Quest is being planned for those who just want to come and play and not participate in the Crown tourney. And there will be an after-Feast party for the Youth to really get the full experience. This is a weekend event, and because it is on a Boy Scouts campground, there are restrictions. (See website)