A&S Point volunteers needed at Pennsic 39

Lady Helena Sibylla, A&S Point Coordinator, Pennsic 3, is seeking volunteers for the upcoming Pennsic War.

Lady Helena writes:

Greetings to the Ministers of Arts & Sciences of the kingdoms of the Known World!

My name is Lady Helena Sibylla, and I am the A&S Point Coordinator for Pennsic University this year.  As the date of the war approaches, I write in search of your assistance to call up volunteers to help staff A&S Point and provide service to the attendees.

I ask that you contact the members of your kingdoms who are active in the arts & sciences and ask that they volunteer some time to help out at A&S Point.  A&S Groups, Guilds, Associations and the Orders of the Laurel and Pelican can be very helpful in terms of finding volunteers.

A&S Point shifts are short - only 2 hours for desk staff - beginning on Wednesday, Aug. 4 and ending on Friday, Aug. 13.  Shift supervisors are also needed for 4 hour shifts.  Individuals may also volunteer directly at A&S Point once Pennsic begins.  A&S Point will be open on Aug. 1-3 from 1-4p.m. for instructor check-in.

Please ask that any interested parties contact me directly at aspoint@pennsicwar.org

Thank you,

Lady Helena Sibylla
A&S Point Coordinator, Pennsic 39