Tentmaking Workshop at Infimous Mons Aureus in Drachenwald

The event is scheduled for November 29 through December 1 at the shire of Infimous Mons Aureus, south of the Alps. SCAtoday.net has the event flyer directly from the Autocrat. Unto the good populace of Drachenwald does Giovanna Benevolo di Sacile send brightest greetings!

It has come to my ears on the wings of the wind that there are Gentles in our fair Kingdom, who would attend events in a style befitting their noble station, but for lack of experience or knowledge would not have a suitable pavilion or shelter and furnishings to add grace and comfort to their stay at events.

It is our sincere offer to the good people of our fair Kingdom to spend a long week's end with us here south of the Alps to learn the skills necessary to build their very own pavilion or shelter and knowledge to furnish it as well.

We hope that you will join us for this most interesting workshop taught by Master Tarafan and his Lady Dubheasa here at Infimous Mons Aureus on the 29th day of November and ending on the 1st of December of this year. The workshop will focus on the single pole pavilion and furniture illustrated on Master Tarafans website at: www.greydragon.org. Any questions concerning the class portion and recommended materials should be directed to Master Tarafan at: barclayp@eucom.mil.

If there are Gentles who may have a heavy duty sewing machine or wood working tools they would be of great service to us.

Crash space will be available, and if we fill up, reasonable accommodations are available. For those arriving on Thursday you may join us for an American Thanksgiving dinner. Due to the nature of the event, there is no feast scheduled for this event and food will be offered throughout for those who would tear themselves away from their work. All meals are pot-luck; if you have any dietary requirements, please contact the autocrat so we may do our best to accommodate.

Site fee will be $10 US and will include crash space on site (as available) and food. If you are not a military ID card holder, please inform the Autocrat at the time of notice of attendance, as we will do our best to make entry to the base as painless as we can for all comers. In any event please have identification documentation available when you arrive because, as we all know, events can change drastically.

We look forward to seeing you here! To find us, please follow your preferred route:

Directions to the Site

From the Northwest

Find your best route to the A-27 at Conegliano. From here, leave the autostrada and turn to follow for SS 13 to Pordenone. You will reach the intersection for SS13 and you will head towards Pordenone and follow to the town of Sacile. Continue through town until you reach an intersection with a light and a round, yellow, domed church on the right corner opposite. At this intersection you will see a group of signs to the left pointing to Aviano, Vigonovo, etc. Turn left here and follow this route to Aviano through Vigonovo until you reach a large intersection with signs to Castello D' Aviano, Budoia, Roverado, etc.

Go straight here and follow the road around the bend and over the RR tracks past the castle to Villotta. Continue on until you see the road narrow and a bar, The Jolly Joker is on your left. The street Immediately after that is Via Della Riva, turn right and we are #6 the green house. We will direct you to parking from there.

From the Northeast

Find your best route to the A-4 and follow to Portogruaro, A-28 to Pordenone. Or, if you dare, take the route from Udine to Pordenone via SS-13. If using the autostrada continue to follow past Pordenone and Exit autostrada at Sacile Est. Follow this route to the right and continue to SS 13. Do NOT take the road indicated on this route as a turn to the left with a sign saying Sacile 4. You will end up somewhere else. Continue on and you will end up on SS 13 in the proper direction. Continue to the aforementioned yellow church and follow the same route in.

Then follow the directions same as above from the yellow church.

From the South

Again find your best route to Conegliano and follow as above.If arriving by train, There is a station in Sacile, Please contact the autocrat for pick up.

Giovanna Benevolo di Sacile (Amy Wells)
Via Della Riva #6 Villotta (Aviano) (PN)ITALY
Email jawells@tin.it or Medlady_us@yahoo.com