[ATL] Sacred Stone's Baronial Birthday

Sacred Stone's Baronial Birthday August 27-29, 2010 Kings Mountain State Park, SC

There has been lots of chatter about events, costs, cabins, feast halls, and getting something for your money....  Might be I have a little event that will hopefully provide all of that for you!!

Price Schedule:
Adult Event fee $10
Child Event fee (5-17) $5
Cabin fee (adult & child) $3
Feast (adult & child) $7
NMS (non-member fee) $5

Now - what you get for that price:

      5:00 pm: Site opens
      10:00 pm: Green & White Birthday Party hosted by Baron Achbar ibn Ali
      Party games (Pin the flames on the Phoenix, musical chairs, etc.)
      Green & White Birthday Party Hat competition (judged by former Baronage)
      Appetizers provided by Clan Roanwoulfe (Roanwoulfe Tavern)

     Atlatl Battle
     Heavy fighting (Bedford Points)
     Rapier (round robin & melee)
     Youth Combat 
     Target Archery 
     Thrown Weapons
      Charm the Lord
      (Every lord granted a token upon entry. Which lady can charm the most tokens from the lords? Wine Basket to be awarded!)
      Quest for the Phoenix's Treasure
      (Each participant is requested to bring a medieval/SCA prize for the Phoenix's treasure. Complete the quest and have your choice of item from the Treasure Box!)

      Green & White A&S competition sponsored by the Order of the Phoenix's Eye

      Belly Dance class by Baroness Reyna
      Children's activities
      Feast by Mistress Fiona
      After Feast:
      Bardic by Mistress Rosalind

     Torchlight Field Games by House Hawkins
      Hafla by Baroness Reyna and Baron Edward

The Barony of the Sacred Stone looks forward to hosting you and having you join her and Baron Axel in celebrating Sacred Stone's Birthday!!!