12th Night Coronation in Lochac

Images from the Coronation of Aedward and Yolande at the Kingdom of Lochac's Twelfth Night, held in the Canton of Krae Glas, are now available on the Krae Glas website. Lochac gathered to celebrate the crowning of Aedward and Yolande in the Canton of Krae Glas on the weekend of the 3rd and 4th of January. Viscount Sir Aedward Staedfaste was victorious in the Crown Tourney held in the Barony of Aneala in November, defeating Lord Daemon Morrison in the final, and winning the right to crown his lady, Yolande Kesteven, Queen.

The event was jointly stewarded by Mistress Nicolette Dufay and Lord Sui Zo. The feast steward was Baroness Gwir verch Madog (who had only four weeks previously feast stewarded the Investiture of the new Baron and Baroness Stormhold at the event where she stepped down as Baroness). Many, many other members of the Canton put in literally hundreds of hours of work to make the event the success it was.

The hall was hung with 42 standards of the populace of Krae Glas, with a 3m x 5m handsewn Kingdom banner and two handsewn Canton banners as the backdrop. Lavender bushes and roses completed the setting behind the High Table. A dozen or more toiled away in the kitchen to prepare the vast repast that would be served forth in the evening, including three sotelties.

As is mete on such an occasion, several were recognised for the great efforts they had made on behalf of the Kingdom. First, King Alaric and Queen Nerissa augmented the arms of Jarl Alfar of Attica and Countess Elspeth Turbeville for their unstinting service to the Kingdom, especially as first King and Queen of Lochac. In a ceremony that was a most pleasant surprise to all and sundry, Their Majesties then elevated Viscountess Yolande Kesteven to the Order of the Laurel in Their last court. Then Aedward and Yolande were crowned to the acclaim of the people gathered in that hall.

Viscount Sir Alaric of Bangor and Viscountess Nerissa de Saye were created Earl and Comtesse. Lady Helga von Helga and Baroness Gwir verch Madog were made Companions of the Order of the Golden Tear (Kingdom Service award). A wayfarer, Pippa Sparks from the Shire of La Grande Tente in the Kingdom of Calontir, was rewarded with an Order of the Southern Cross, for service to the Kingdom by those not of the Kingdom. Healdene Draefendson was admitted to the Lochac Order of Grace for his exemplary conduct in all matters.

There followed the feast. It was in three removes, with each remove being themed.

The first remove was the Art of War, and it was preceded by a soteltie based on the famous "Helmeted Cocks". It featured a jousting field measuring 6' x 4' with the fence being leapt by a boar, saddled and bridled, bearing on its back a chicken caparisoned with the cognizance of King Aedward, who was couching a lance with his pennon. On the ground before lay the supine form of a chicken wearing the tabard of Earl Alaric of Bangor, his spear shatterd. The soteltie was borne into the hall by Lord Sui Zo and Master Gwynfor Lwyd, accompanied by the Krae Glas singers and the reading of a Petrachan Sonnet about War.

The second remove was themed around the Art of Love, and Baron Alain Bartholomieu Lorenz created an Arbor d'amour (a tree of love) hung with sweets and hearts. Again, a sonnet, this time of love was read, and the Krae Glas singers presented a song.

Finally, the third remove was themed "a Sense of Purpose", which is Krae Glas's motto. The soteltie was a fountain in the shape of a porpoise (Sense of porpoise, get it?) which spouted hippocras into a large silver ewer. Baroness Gwir was responsible for the planning of the first and third sotelties, with many assisting her.

The evening's revelry done, the populace repaired to the field the following day for meetings, tourney, and merriment. Despite several rather heavy summer storms, the day was enjoyed by all. On the field of combat, Piers of Malmesbury was the victor in the Art of Defense tourney, and Sir Hugh the Little, the new Baron Stormhold, won the Queen's Champion Tourney. After consultation, Her Majesty appointed Healdene Draefendson Her Champion for his skill at arms and courtesy. Lochie of Woodrose was the first Mouse Guard created in the Kingdom of Lochac. The Mouse Guard is a Queen's Guard of children, charged with entertaining and tending to Her Majesty.

By all accounts, the event was superbly successful, and many were the folks who went home with full bellies and great memories. We now await the May Crown Tourney, to be held in the Barony of Politarchopolis to ensure the succession of the Antipodean Thrones.

According to event staff members, the recipes for the feast will be posted online at a later date.