Steampunk new outlet for costumers and reenactors

Steampunk has caught on in Australia, just the latest of a series of "dress-up" activities such as LARPing or the Society for Creative Anachronism. Rachel Wells of The Age (Melbourne, Australia) has the story.

For the article, Wells spoke to a number of reenactors and costume devotees, including SCA costumer Dawn van Bruchem, about their love for traveling to another world or time.

Steampunk fan Alexandra Chambers, who specialises in historical costume, and has previously been involved in mediaeval re-enactment, said, "It's such a fun, beautiful thing because you have this combination of the Victorian era, which is very beautiful but it can also be very strict and very bound in terms of clothing but because of these modern elements you can be a bit freer. You can wear corsetry if you want, but you don't have to; you can wear a long skirt or a short skirt. It allows a lot more creativity."

Van Bruchem, who has created over 100 costumes for the SCA, enjoys the research challenges. "It's like a piece of detective work, I suppose. You tend to start with pictures of a person wearing the clothing ... And even though some are quite clear and you can see seamlines and you can see how the pleats worked, it's still an image and it still doesn't tell you exactly how it was made, so we have some interesting discussions within the group."