Viscount Sir Gawyne d'Ibelin Passes On

Lochac's last Prince, Sir Gawyne d'Ibelin, Viscount, KSCA, OST, OSH, PC, AA has succumbed to leukemia after a long battle. Sir Gawyne shone brightly in Lochac. He served as the Principality's last Prince, alongside his lady wife Yve. Though his life was short, he enriched us with his steadfast honor, his service to these lands, and the courageous way he bore his burdens. Gawyne was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after he and Yve had overseen Lochac's transition to Kingdom, and he fought the illness harder and more puissantly than he ever did an opponent on the field. Just when it appeared that he was on the path to recovery, after some revolutionary treatment, Gawyne's immune system failed him. His loss, especially because of his youth, is hard for all of us to bear, but he goes before us as one of the good people. He is survived by his wife, Yve and his brother Sir Berenger, who are part of his family, and his SCA family.

A month before Gawyne's passing, his brother, Berenger de Nancy, was also created a Knight of the SCA. His household, Attica, is famed for the assistance it renders to others, its efforts in welcoming new members, and its joy in everything it does. Viscount Gawyne exemplified these virtues. Attica, the Barony of Rowany, and the Kingdom of Lochac mourn the loss of this exemplary knight and person. His memory will live on in the minds and hearts of all those he met with, whether at table, or on the field of honorable combat.

There are many who knew Gawyne far better than I, yet for my part, I rejoice in the memories of the time we met on the field in the Fighter Auction at Borderscros, and in the November Coronet in Stormhold where Gawyne won a Principality. I recall with fondness the support Gawyne and Yve gave Gwir and myself when we had just stepped up as Baron and Baroness Stormhold. I am glad to have spoken with him at the last Rowany Festival.

Vale, Gawyne. You lived your oaths from one breath to the next. You inspired others by your deeds and words. May those who knew you ensure that your inspiration lives on when you could not. The thoughts of the whole of a Kingdom are with you and those you loved in this time. May they find joy in the life you gave to others, and peace in the knowledge that you fought the fight to the end, and though you succumbed you were not vanquished.