[LOC] Lochac Rattan Symposium 2010

The Shire of Arrowsreach and the Barony of Innilgard invites you to attend a unique opportunity to learn from two renowned trainers being His Grace Duke Havoc and Sir Mari. Having a female Knight presenter should also offer us all some obvious benefits and be of particalr assistance for female copmbatants.

We are offering two seperate workshops which will cater for all levels of experience. One workshop will be informative targeting the general combatant while the other workshop will also focus on developing our Trainers skill base which we are calling “Train the Trainer”. Pls note both workshops are open to all, especial as the second workshop clashes with Spring War.

The first workshop will be midweek following La Prova Dura and before The Great Southern Gathering. The second workshop will run beside The Great Southern Gathering and will be an optional extra to that event. Both workshops have accommodation and catering options to assist locals not requiring these expenses and the Rattan Symposium, La Prova Dura and The Great Southern Gathering are all on the same site which will cost us all with our travelling costs. So in short party in South Australia with your SCA mates.

I would also like to stress that the cost have been partly offset by proceeds received from the Stronger Kingdom Fund ($250) and The Shire of Arrowsreach re-investing its profits from the first Rattan Symposium.