[MER] Arabian Nights

We of the Shire of Arenal, on the most beautiful emerald coast of the majestic Kingdom of Meridies, shall be hosting our 18th Arabian Nights, the coming weekend of July 4th, 2010. We humbly bid thee to attend our event, and harken ye welcome unto our hearth and table, by which we shall savor the fruits of the weekend.

We therefore hope of the favor and affection of the beloved Populace that they will condesend to bestir themselves and turn their face usward. Futhermore, we have sent our flier to make all ordinance for the march, and our one and only desire it is to see thee ere we feast. Wherewith peace be upon thee!

Pensacola Fair Grounds
6655 Mobile Hwy Pensacola, FL 32526

Directions to Site:
Take best route to I-10 in Pensacola, Florida. Take Exit 7B. Drive on Pine Forest Road until it intersects with Mobile Highway. The Fairgrounds will be across the street and clearly marked.