[DRA] Northern Frankmark Fighters practice XII

It shall be proclaimed that once again it is time for practice in the north of Frankmark. All the honorable Heavy Fighters, Fencers and the whole populace of Drachenwald are welcome to improve their skills in the martial arts in ordinary for our Kingdom.

Time: 17.07.2010, 10 h till open end; Site is open from friday 16.07.2010, 15 h - 18.07.2010, 14 h
Site: Lindenstr. 18, 23795 Söhren/Weede, Germany
Event Steward: Lord Jakob Winkelmann von Söhren
Reservation Steward: Lord Tibald von Dijon
Teacher: Duke Sven Gunnarsson
Heavy Combat MIC: Duke Sven Gunnarsson
Fencing MIC: Lord Vrank von Attendorn

Sitefee 3 Euro (including a simple lunch)
Sitefee will be charged from all participants and visitors
Feast 7 Euro

Training starts 10 h  Heavy, Fencing and Archery.
Lunch: ca.13 h
Archery Tourney ca. 15.30 h
Frankmark 200 Tourney ca. 17 h
Feast ca. 19.30 h

If somebody likes / has to arrive on friday please tell the reservation steward how many sleeping berth are needed or if You are bringing a tent of Your own.
There is only one shower on site, sorry.

Reservation Steward: Lord Tibald von Dijon .

All other questions to Lord Jakob Winkelmann von Söhren