Lochac 12th night A&S Winners Announced

Lady Katerina da Brescia, Kingdom of Lochac A&S Minister, has announced the winners of the recent 12th Night A&S Competition, along with new photos of entries. Lady Katerina writes:

Greetings all from Lady Katerina da Brescia Kingdom of Lochac A&S Minister.

The winners of the Krae Glas 12th night Kingdom A&S competitions were:

Kitchen Item:
1st & 2nd: Master Alex the Potter

Page from a Missal:
1st: Piers of Malmsbury
2nd: Marit the Wanderer

There was only one entry in the Ruff competition, so it did not run. Thank you Bella Lucia da Verona for your entry. Though not judged, Judges are asked to provide comments on all entries so these will be returned to you.

There was no entires in the woodworking competition.

Tallies are being done to determine the A&S Champion for XXXVIII. This will be announced at May Crown XXXIX.

The rounds for next years Kingdom of Lochac A&S Champion are as follows:

May Crown XXXIX (2004)

* Brewing: "A Drink fit for a King" (alcoholic or non-alcholic.)
* Martial: metal helm with period heraldic acoutraments(torse, mantling,possible crest), to SCA standards.
* Textiles: Lace in a period use... (can be on handkerchief, garb, accessory )
* Art: woodcut (as in printed books)

July Coronation XXXIX

* Everyday item/Dress accessory: a Renaissance fan
* Painting: A triptych
* Performance: A story
* Embroidery: an elizabethan sweet pouch.

November Crown XXXIX (2004)

* Lighting: candles or lanterns.....
* Costuming: underwear
* Martial: arming doublet
* Everyday item: perfumes

Twelfth Night Coronation XXXIX:

* Fine art:Line drawing Portrait (ink, silverpoint, charcoal, etc. not oil painted)
* Embroidery: blackwork on everyday item.
* Costume accessories: gloves and mittens
* Woodwork: a personal item.

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