[ATE] Baronial Arts and Sciences Tournament

The Gem of Atenveldt Invites you to Our Baronial A&S Competition Event! This is a Local Event, not on the Kingdom Calendar, but we do hope to see visitors from all over the Kingdom come to visit and enjoy a day of Arts, Sciences and Fun in Tir Ysgithr.

Please join Their Excellencies Tighearnain and Sabiha at our annual Baronial Arts and Sciences Tournament, Saturday, July 17, 2010.  Lady Allasan Tamelyn most heartily seeks to pass on her Champion Medallion.  We have our Competition and Much, much more to look forward to!  This year, we have a variety of classes, meetings and other activities to keep our gentle lords and ladies amused pending the results of the judging!  We truly hope you will attend.

* AIR CONDITIONED * SITE:  First United Methodist Church - 915 E. Fourth Street, Tucson - University of Arizona Main Street area - Park and 4th Streets.
Site Fee:  $6.00 Adults - $3.00 Youth 5-18 years - Under 5 free
Site Opens at 9:00 am - Closes at 6:00 pm.

SITE IS DRY - Brewing and Cherries Jubilee entries with spirits will be held off-site nearby.

GARB is Highly Encouraged.  (If you are a newcomer or visitor and in need Pre-17th Century clothing - please contact Baroness Magdalen and she will help you)

Please come on out and either declare for Baronial A&S Champion, Baronial Household Champion, Baronial Youth A&S Champion, OR just enter a category (or two) OR Judge the competition. (Detailed rules and information is posted on the btysca.org website.)

JUDGES:  WE NEED YOU!  Certification NOT required.  Those new to judging welcome!  Please contact Baroness Magdalen or Lady Mishia if you are able to judge.

PRIZES:  We are seeking Largesse from our populace members to award our category winners for their artistic prowess.  Please contact Baroness Magdalen with your donations.

CLASSES - To be Held in Comfortable Air-Conditioned Classrooms

MEETINGS: Peers of the Barony of Tir Ysgithr to meet with TE Tighearnain and Sabiha 9:00 am (Baroness Magdalen is bringing Coffee and Pastries!)
Estrella War XXVII -  Meeting - 12:00 Noon
Southern Crusades XII -- Gods and Monsters -- Meeting -- 3:00 pm

Artisan's Showcase -- Bring your arts to display -- no documentation required, but nice to sit with your works and share your knowledge and interests with the populace.

Unfinished Arts Competition - Did you begin a gown 10 years ago that you have never completed?  One of those elaborate cross stitch portraits?  Do you have half a trebuchet in your backyard?  Bring it out and enter!  The populace chooses the most worthy project they would like to see completed! (Detailed rules to be posted soon to the btysca.org website)

Baroness Sabiha's Cherries Jubilee - A prize will go to the best dish that includes the use of Cherries, Her Excellency's favorite fruit.  Taste and Presentation will be judged by Her Excellency Sabiha.  Helpful Hint: Her LEAST favorite type of cherries are those prepared in a stewed manner. (Detailed rules to be posted soon to the btysca.org website)

"Star Wars is Period" Competition -- At Highlands War this year, HRM Tristan declared that Jedi and Sith Robes were Period for the duration of his reign.  In honor of the Royal Whim, we are taking it to the next level and asking those who wish to create a Star Wars Universe artifact to enter this unique competition. Documentation is required to assist our specially selected judges to determine whose entry is the best in the Empire, uh, Barony.  (Detailed rules to be posted soon to the btysca.org website)

We are asking all to join us and participate in a Luncheon Pot Luck.  Dishes should serve from 6-8 gentles and follow the theme of foods from any of the Mediterranean Countries.  Lunch will be set out buffet style from 11:30 - 1pm.  Out of Courtesy and Appreciation, we will invite all our Judges to
partake from the buffet early.

Special diet? Food allergies? Hate Buffets?  -- In the spirit of Community, we would still ask you bring a dish to share with the populace, but welcome you to bring your own lunch to address your dietary needs.  There are also several restaurants nearby, a listing will be available at troll.

We have room for and welcome Merchants to our event. Please contact Baroness Magdalen if you have wares for sale so that she may provide you space to open shop.

The Black Boar Herald, Lord Bjorn, plans to have a heraldic consultation table available. Book Heralds are welcome to bring their books and join in to help gentles with their names, device and badge submissions.

We have a children's room and will have activities for children available. We always appreciate volunteers who help with our youth!  Children may also enter the A&S Competition!  See btysca.org website for more information.

Please come to Their Excellencies Court -- You never know what you're gonna get -- recognized for!


Stay tuned for Updates and Additions!
Event Info is also available in the Tusker Times, Our Baronial Webpage-btysca.org and on your friendly neighborhood lists.

Baroness Magdalen Venturosa
Event Stewardess - Site
BTY A&S Competition Event

Lady Mishia MacBain
Arts and Sciences Minister, Barony of Tir Ysgithr
Event Stewardess - Competition
BTY A&S Competition Event