Disabilities Coordinator Makes Plans for Pennsic 33

Katya Zhdana Volkova Kievskaya, Disabilities Services Coordinator for Pennsic 33, has already begun making preparations for the August War. Katya writes:
Greetings Good Gentles, Now that we've passed into a new (modern) calendar year, thoughts start peaking around the corner (okay, very *far* around) to Pennsic 33.

For those with disabilities who are wishing more information on any disabilities services, check out the page off the Pennsic web site.

For those with disabilities wishing information on the Disabilities Camping Area at Pennsic, you may click on the link on the above mentioned page, or you may go directly to the information and camping sign-up by follwing this link:


Please note that this form will ONLY be used by the Coordinator for space planning. You MUST STILL PREREGISTER with the Coopers after you receive confirmation from our office. Space in the area is limited and reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. This must be submitted prior to May 1, 2004.

If you have any other questions pertaining to this information, please contact me at disability@pennsicwar.org

In Services,

Katya Zhdana Volkova Kievskaya
Disabilities Services Coordinator
Pennsic 33