[ANT] Summer Hunt VI

It is Summer on our lovely island.....and we are graced by the beauty of the land and its creatures.
Shop at the amazing Merchant Bazaar.

Listen to the hounds bay and the horns sound in the distance! Watch the hunters ride their horses across the fields. Archers come shoot to your heart's content. This is an event for folks to sit back, feast, shoot archery, and be entertained by the animals. 
Campers are welcome to stay all three days of the weekend.
Primitive site; potable water present, amenities within 10 minutes.
Animals are welcome at this event.
Horses must be pre-registered.  All dogs must show Rabies vaccination Certificate and must be leashed unless being raced or coursed.
Autocrat: Fiona Boarshead scasummerhunt@gmail.com
To volunteer to help at this event please send an email to the autocrat.
Site opens at  3 PM on Friday
and closes at  6 PM on Sunday.
Site fees (includes Saturday nightPotluck feast & Betting Man's Guide
(*Non- Member surcharge $5 per non-member adult)
 Make checks payable to:  SHIRE OF EARNROKKE, SCA INC.  US funds only.

All weekend:$15 per SCA Member adult*, $10 per Child 7 - 18 years old. Children 6 and under free.
Family cap of $45* (Not including NMS)

Daytrip fees:$12 per SCA Member adult*, $7 per Child 7 - 18 years old. Children 6 and under free.
Family cap $35* (Not including NMS)
Karl Redstone Memorial Heavy Weapons Championship
Sir Jerald Memorial Equestrian Championship
Baron Julian Farsworth Memorial Archery Championship
Baron Mikill Olafr Thrown Memorial Weapons Championship
Arts and Sciences Championship
Silent Auction
Best Dog Barding Contest
Saturday Night Potluck feast
The Hunt Guild Activities, Classes, and Contests
Open Thrown Weapons, Equestrian, and Archery fields
All Weekend
Hunting Persona Challenge
For more information visit our website. Please be aware that there are updates yet to be made to the site. (Schedule may be altered as needed)