Artemisia's First "Medieval Prom" a Great Success

Artemisia held its first "Medieval Prom" last week at Uprising XXIV in the Barony of 1000 Eyes, to much acclaim by adult and teenage SCAdians alike.

Period dancing took place at the evening event, held concurrently with the Torchlight Tourney, in which everyone age 15 and up was invited to participate, with or without a date.  

The populace's response has been overwhelmingly in favor of holding this event again in the future.  Teenagers, caught between youth activities aimed at a younger set and adult activities in which they're not yet old enough to participate, appreciated having activities just for them at the nearly week-long event.  Artemisia's Kingdom Youth Minister and prom organizer Aurora de Portugal is very pleased with the response and hopes to make it an Uprising tradition.

Fantastic event!

As one of the coordinators for the Artemisian Prom at Uprising, I was amazed at the positive feedback we got for it, before, during and after. Having it across from the Torchlight Tourney allowed the parents to be nearby while the kids were dancing and having a great time.

The populace also stepped up to make the Prom memorable. HL Darius did Prom pictures as well as candid shots which will be available on Many others also took pictures and have posted them on the Uprising website. Other folks made snacks and goodies for the kids but I will say, I don't know that many of them ate anything because they wanted to dance!

And the garb! These kids went all out for their outfits! This was very similar to period dances because these kids interacted while anticipating the ball and getting out their finery. It was quite the display.

There was also a Lord and Lady of the Dance and those kids had beautiful sashes which the young gentleman wore to the Grand Ball the next night! Badges of honor well deserved.

Then I see that it is on this site and I am ecstatic! To have this be so momentous that it was picked up by SCA Today. Thank you!