[OUT] Gulf of Mexico Tournament

In 30 days (and every day) more crude oil will be washing up on the coasts of The Gulf of Mexico, threatening the livelyhood of fisherman, wildlife and sea life. The damage will affect everyone for years to come. If you are a little bit like me, you are heartbroken at the images of the birds, turtles, fish and dolphins among so many other including humans that are deeply affected by the Oil Spill.

I live in the desert, hundreds of miles away, with no experience needed to help these animals or the people.
What can I DO? What can WE DO?
We can DO what OUTLANDERS do best... Care! I have seen first hand how we can pull together a few dollars and make it thousands!
Save your change! pick up that penny! Ask your kids, do they want to help? of course they do! Children have the biggest hearts of us all!!
I will hold a Tournament for both heavy suits and light to raise money for organizations helping the people and the wildlife/environment in The Gulf. If you are aware of a particular non profit organization that is doing all they can to help these people and animals, please suggest them to me.
The Tournament will be held on Sunday July 11th at 11am at Montgomery Park (fighter practice park) in Albuquerque NM. If you would like to provide baked goods or other similiar snacky foods to provide further donations please contact me, I will be glad to help you set up and get volunteers.
Sunday July 11th.
$5 to enter either list
you have 5 lives
it is run as a line up tourney, similiar to a speed list.
once a fighter dies 5 times he is out of the line/list.
50cents to re-enter or buy more than 5 lives.
2 fields. 1 for heavy and 1 for light
both heavy and light can fight at the same time. no waiting around for the other combat to finish.
I will have 2 list mistresses

open donations will be accepted from non combatants.
Can't make it to al-Barran? Hold your own Tourmanent or Fundraiser and let's see if we can combine our efforts throughout the Kingdom to help our neighbors in The Gulf.

If you are interested in helping please contact me!