[WES] Day in the Park

The Shire of Bestwode will host Day in the Park June 27, 2010. We will be set up at the Cottonwood Grove near an intersection of park roads and the park is not large enough to get lost in. 

So far the Shire has these plans: we will provide burgers and hot dogs (and the fixin's), and are asking attendees to bring a potluck item if they can. We will have the Shire pavilion up (look for the white, black and red wing) to help people find their way, along with signs on the intersections.

For those folks that are not heavy fighters we will have several A&S activities (not finalized, but in general all the supplies are provided by shire members) and likely thrown weapons. (The site is not conducive to a regular length archery lane so we may or may not have a short one). If there are children coming we have a member who is willing to provide some entertainment for them.

We have several members willing to provide crash space for a number of folks (one is located very close to the Park and can sleep 4-5 and the other is located south of Anderson in Red Bluff and can sleep 4-5).  Dafydd and myself have two bedrooms, one with a bed and the other we can put the air bed in, so we can accommodate 4+... we just need to know who and how many.  We can find tent space if there are more folks than that too...