[WES] Cynaguan Investiture and Feast

Cynaguan Summer Investiture is nearly here!  The event is July 10th in the beautiful Province of Silver Desert (Reno, NV).  Come and witness the final Court of Rolf and Aurora, Prince and Princess of Cynagua and the Investiture of Their Noble Heirs, Loclan and Vigdis.

There will be a tournament to determine the armored combat champion of the new Prince and Princess as well as a tournament to determine the rapier champion. If you are authorized in either form, please come and join in the tournament. (Any special rules, qualifications or format will be announced as soon as it is determined by the Lord and Lady of the Swan.)

The day will conclude with a Feast to celebrate the Investiture of the new Prince and Princess. All tickets for the feast are by advanced sale. All tickets must be paid for by June 28th.  I have some tickets available for sale by mail and the rest will be available via ACCEPS as soon as the webmaster for ACCEPS gets the listing sorted out. If you want tickets, you may mail me a check for $10.00 for each ticket you need (for the feast only). If you wish to purchase by mail, send your check NOW so it is certain to be here in time. 

If you are interested in helping in the kitchen or serving feast, please contact Viscountess Gwendwyn at bulotki@netscape.net .