[GLE] Mid Summer Knight's Dream XVIII

The Shire of Smythkepe presents Mid Summer Knight's Dream XVIII: A Day in the Life of a Noble September 3-5 at Camp Cahinnio south of Booneville, AR.

Activities include Heavy Weapons fighting, Rapier fighting, Herbal competitons, a Bardic competion plus the return of Cast Iron Chef (will he rust if you leave him out in the rain?). None of that appeals to you? You say you just want to horse around? You can do that at the Equestrian

Best of all, this is a WET SITE! A lifeguard will be on duty so bring your swimsuits!!!! (Wait, what? That's not what "wet site" means? So what does it mean? ...Oh, OK.)

As I was saying: this is a Wet Site but please take your empties home with you.

So where is this happening? Camp Cahinnio  28 Cahinnio Rd (just off Hwy23) Booneville, AR

Site Fees: Adults weekend $20  Children 6 and over $12 Children under 5 Free. Deduct  $9 for off-board (just remember: KFC is 10 miles away) Non-SCA members please add $5 Non-member Surcharge.

Directions from Ft Smith: Take US 71 south to AR 23; Go north on AR 23  3.3 miles to Camp Cahinnio Rd (on your left).

For more information, please contact:
Autocrat: Lord James Cooke the Sinistre  jimmy_cook at yahoo.com
Feast Steward: Lady Ceara ingen LaSaire  flnanglsfire at yahoo.com

Please see www.smythkepe.org for further updates and more information.