[OUT] Baron's War

Are you an honorable Scot looking to defend your home from sea-faring barbarians? Are you a noble Norse looking to bring civilization to the savages of Scotland? If you are either or have friends who are, come to Baron’s War in the beautiful mountains of Dragonsspine this year and pick a side for a competition of The Norse vs. The Scots: In Games & War.

There will lots of armored combat, archery, and even rapier (for those who really hold a grudge). Besides the Arts of War, the Scots and Norse will also compete in peaceful games. The Scots will test the Norse in some traditional Highland Games such as the Caber Toss and the Bremer Stone Throw along with a new game they invented called Golf. The Norse in turn will test the Scots in games of thrown weapons, Kubb, and also Table games (Tafl, backgammon, and chess) to show who is smarter. There will also be Helga Ball which is a fun game for the tough Outlandish Ladies (Sorry, no men, as they might get hurt!).

Baron's Beer:
The Baron of Dragonsspine has arranged for his annual brewing competition for his local brewers and will chose one that stands above the rest. The kindness of the Baron abounds as he is providing for his populace to choose what appeals to their tastes. Lord Soren Thorvaldsson has volunteered his trusted hand in facilitating his competition.

Baronesses Tea:
Lydia, Baroness of the Norse and Dragonsspine, shows her wisdom in acknowledging the hidden figures of Viking lore, the Trolls, brave yet secret warriors who meet the fearful denizens of our lands ready to fight. Ophelia, Baroness of the Scotts and Terra Insubstantia, also invites the shy an dethereal Sidhe of the Scots whose striking beauty springs from the land itself to follow them, hiding their truly dangerous and scary nature. Both are invited to enjoy foolish food, delicate treats and teas to awaken and please the senses. The populace is likewise invited with the advice to try to blend in lest they offend the fair and mighty. To help in this there will be a costume contest, and adult boffer tourney, animal croquet, and we are told that the fairies are generous to those whom please them, there will even be a glimpse back into the mortal realms to witness the annual Barony of Terra Insubstantia Tournament. To assist with bridging the gap between worlds the Baronesses have enlisted the help of the beautiful and wise Lady Hannah de Avila. Please contact Lady Hannah if you would like to help with this tea.

Of course, the fun doesn’t stop at Baron’s War when the sun goes down as there are great parties planned for each evening. On Thursday evening, House Amazon's will hold a Sheep Party to welcome everyone (since both the Norse and the Scotts were fond of sheep). On Friday evening, the Good Ship Corvus Aurorae will host a Scotts Party which will include a Scotch tasting (bring your favorite), best legs in a kilt contest, along with torchlight tournaments. On Saturday evening, House Broken Bodice (headed by Walker the proprietor of the Tavern that was at last year's Baron's War) will host a Norse Party.

Pre-registration for camping through ACCEPS gives a $5 discount per adult. Children 5-12 are ½ the adult price. Children under 5 are free.
Adult Camping Site Fees:
Arrive Thursday - $25
Arrive Friday - $20
Arrive Saturday - $15
Family Cap: Pre-Reg: $50, On-Site: $60

Adult Day Trip Fees:
Adult $10
Child $5
Family Cap: $30

Additional Fees:
Non-member surcharge: $5
Close Parking: $10

Site Information
Site opens Thursday at 12pm and closes Sun at 12pm.
Site is wet

Directions: From North or South. Take 1-25 to Dragonsspine (Colorado Springs, CO) to the Cimmaron exit, Exit 141. Head West on Colorado Highway 24 towards the Mountains. Continue through Woodland Park and through Divide to Florissant (29) miles. Turn Left on CR Teller #1, which is right next to the Thunderbird Inn. Head South for 13.4 miles to Lost Burro Camp Ground.

Lost Burro Campground, 4023 Teller Road #1, Cripple Creek 80813