[ATL] Pennsic Pity Party

While many of our friends and neighbors will be heading north in support of our beloved Kingdom, not all of us are about to expend the time and resources that a trip to Pennsic requires. So to those left behind, I would like to extend the invitation to a "Pennsic Pity Party".

This party will be held at the Elchenburg Castle Site (same site as WoW) on August 6,7, & 8.
The cost of admission is only $6 per person for the whole weekend. Which is the cost of renting the site.

We will have fighting (heavy & rapier), archery, thrown weapons to keep those that are martially minded busy. And artisan's area will be set up for our crafty folk to work on their current projects.

Also, we would like to do "Filthy, Dirty A&S" classes. You know the ones that you can't do at most events because of the lack of space, or for fear of getting the floor/table/building etc... dirty. We are looking for people who wanna teach blacksmithing, woodburning, lampwork beading, felting,
basketmaking, armor making, open fire cooking, fabric & yarn dying,casting, etc.... So if you want to teach any of these topics, contact me off list at dragonfly78@gmail.com

Saturday night we will have a big potluck dinner under the picnic shelter. Throughout the weekend we will have games available under the shelter for everyone to enjoy. Period ones like glukhaus, nine men's morris, shut the box, and others. And not so period ones like cribbage, zilch, munchkin, and others.

Also on friday and saturday evenings we will have a open bardic with the castle as a back drop. Bardic will remain family friendly until 10:00pm.

We also are planning a few fun lawn games, including kubb, wet sponge toss,
and more!!!