[MER] Southern War College

Come join the Incipient Canton of Ironstone Springs as we hold a college for the warriors of the Kingdom of Meridies. 

This will be a one day event, but rest assured that no warrior will go away dissatisfied with the amount of combat available.  If you are not inclined to strap on harness and do battle, we have much to do with the Arts and Sciences.  There will be a static display Arts and Sciences competition, a bardic competition, and classes galore.

Site:  WoW Camp in McKenzie, Alabama                                          

Date:  August 6-8, 2010.

Battle Scenarios:

Progressive Melee tournament to determine the war commanders.  One war point is awarded to the winner of this tournament.

Open Field Battles - Best two of three.  The winning commander will receive one war point. After the point is decided, the leadership of the Meridian army will talk with the warriors about what went right and wrong and then we will have practical battles.

Bridge Battles - Best two of three. The winning commander will receive one war point.

Same training session as what happens after the open field battles.

Timed resurrection, capture the flag scenario battle.  The commander with the majority of flags at the end of the battle will receive one war point.

Champions tournament.  The war commanders will send out champions from their side to fight in single combat.  The first commander to score seven victories will receive the final war point.                                                                                                              

Directions to Site:

Site is located 12 miles North of Evergreen, Alabama on Hwy 31. Take your best route to I-65 and get off on exit 96 and travel East on 83 to Evergreen. Turn left on County road 20 (about five miles), and then almost immediately turn left onto Hwy 31. Travel about 12 miles North on Hwy 31. There will be a left turn to stay on Hwy 31. The site will be clearly marked with SCA signs.