[LOC] Mordenvale Deed of Arms

Hear ye, Lords, Knights, and squires. We make known to you a very great deed of arms and very noble Joust that will be performed by a good Man-at-Arms who will carry a shield, quartered blue and white, with on it a red cross having a crown at it's centre, and stars at it's points. And the said Man-at-Arms accompanied by ten Men-at-Arms all dressed in one color.

And then to come Saturday, the nineteenth day of June into the new Abbey near the Port of Mordenvale. And from that place these same Men-at-Arms will be led by ten ladies dressed in one livery, of the same color and suite as the said knights, all around the outside of the noble city called New Troy, otherwise known as Newcastle. And just outside the same gate the said knights will hold the field called Mayfield by the Church of St Andrew. And there they will dance, and sing and lead a joyous life.

And the same Saturday the ten Men-at-Arms, in one livery as aforesaid, will be within the said field of Mayfield, armed within the lists, before the hour of ten, to deliver all manner of Knights, Squires and Men-at-Arms who wish to come and Joust, four rounds of combat on foot with weapons of peace.

Each round will be fought in varying style for the love and entertainment of the ladies present. And each combat shall be fought with any weapons the men-at-arms are desirous to use on the day.
At those jousts the noble ladies and damoiselles will give the Man-at-Arms who jousts best of those within a wreath of laurel and they will give to the one who jousts best of those without a token. And the lady or damoiselle who dances best or leads the most joyful life this day aforesaid, that is to say Saturday, will be given a wreath of roses by the Men-at-Arms. And the lady who dances and revels best after her, which is to say the second prize for that day, will be given a token. And by virtue of the noble pardon of arms, surety will be given to all foreign knights and squires and men-at-arms who wish to come to the said festival. And to remain and spend twenty days before the festival and twenty days afterward, by virtue of the truce given and agreed by the King without any hindrance being given to them. And concerning that matter, all who wish will have safe conduct from the King our sovereign lord.

His Majesty Bran  torc Dubh Mac Brude and Her Majesty Lilya bing Hizir are coming to visit Mordenvale, and so to welcome them home we are having a celebration in true Mordenvalian style.
Count Theuderic would have it known that a Deed of Arms in the style of the 1380s will be held in order to increase the pageantry and spectacle of SCA combat as requested by Her Majesty. The Deed will be fought between the King's Companyand the Challengers' Company. A prize will be awarded by the Ladies of the Gallery to a man-at-arms of theirchoosing. To make it interesting, a prize will be awarded by the men-at-arms to a Lady of their choice.

To top off an excellent day of combat and pageantry we will be putting on a night of feasting and frivolity to make Caligula's birthday party look like a shareholders meeting at the Royal Bank of London.

Time: Tourney begins at 2pm, Feast from 5:30pm

Cost: Booked $25/$30 M/NM,
Unbooked $30/$35 M/NM

Site: St Andrews Church, Church St, Mayfield, NSW, 2304.

In the case of wet weather, an alternate Tourney venue has been arranged and we will notify everyone if it is moved.

Steward & Bookings: Countess
Engelin Teufel, pennykwright@yahoo.com by 13th June, 2010.