Martial announcements for Pennsic XXXIX

Sir Tristen Sexwulf, Earl Marshal for the Kingdom of Æthelmearc, has posted several announcements regarding martial activities at the upcoming Pennsic War.

Sir Tristan writes:

(The following does not apply to Youth Combat systems)
If you will be age 16 – 17 this year at Pennsic you may want to sit down to read this. Any combatant authorized in adult heavy weapons and/or adult rapier combat will be allowed to participate with adults at Pennsic War 2010 regardless of their age.  Authorizations of Minors must be performed by your Earl Marshal for Heavy Weapons and by the Kingdom Marshal of Fence for Rapier.  In addition to what is required of adults to pass inspection at Pennsic minors must mark their Helm/Fencing Mask with four 2" x 2" Yellow Diamonds (Duct Tape is acceptable for marking) one on each side of helm/mask. Minor's inspection sticker will be marked with the word "MINOR".  No one can inspect minors in camp.  They must be inspected at marshal point by the senior marshal at the point.

Remember that the last day to acquire a PRIMARY authorization for Pennsic is July 24th
Remember that the last day to acquire a SECONDARY authorization for Pennsic is August 9th

There is a new woods battle site this year. It is north of B01, B02, & B03 on the map below  The woods is not quite as dense as the section of fur trees in the old woods but is much more dense than the rest of the old woods.  The terrain is much more primitive.  Ferns disguise the ground, there are downed branches and hidden holes and ruts.  This terrain is much harder to traverse making organized charges unlikely and line of site is greatly reduced.  Fighters acting as scouts will likely find themselves much more useful then in past woods battles.  There are some safety issues, such as 30' drops.  Although we will keep as much of the new woods "in play" as possible marshals will likely call holds if fights occur on or near dangerous terrain.  Banners will not be allowed in areas that are, or are accessed by, dangerous terrain.

Missile blunts and APD (anti-penetration device) are allowed to have "Slight" rotation of up to 1/8 of a turn. The less rotation the better. The rumor about the "zero-twist" rule being enforced at Pennsic is untrue. Also, remember that Society policy dictates that there can be *NO* lateral movement (up and down) the fiberglass shaft. This would mean that the blunt/APD is loose (no frictional 'grip') and the *Only* thing hanging onto the blunt/APD is the tape.

While having your official laminated card is the preferable method to identify that you are an authorized participant it is not the only option. If you should lose your card, or have not received it by the time you leave for Pennsic, we offer the following options: If you have the original dated paper authorization form on hand that will be accepted as proof. You will also need photo ID and Site token. There we can offer no help. Forget those and no inspection for you.

Minors inspect at Marshals Point by the Marshal-In-Charge of the point.  No in-camp inspections for minors, NO EXCEPTIONS.  The Kingdom Earl Marshal's & the Society Earl Marshal will be allowed to do "in-Camp" inspections for adult heavy combatants.

Friday the 13th at 11:00 pm the merchants close this year. THERE WILL BE NO MERCHANTING ON SATURDAY THE 14th OR ON SUNDAY THE 15TH.   Food Merchants are an entirely different beast from standard wares merchants.  They are typically allowed to sell until they run out of food but I have no data on food merchants this year.  Keep checking the site for merchant updates .

In Service,

Sir Tristen Sexwulf
Earl Marshal of Æthelmearc
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