Happy belated birthday, Scotch!

Experts have determined that Scotch whiskey was born on June 1, 1495 when King James of Scotland commissioned Friar Jon Cor to makes eight bowls of the potent drink. Wired Magazine celebrates the event in their "This Day in Tech" column.

From the article:

Nor do we know the kind of Scotch whisky Friar Cor whipped up, if even he did, or if it would have pleased our modern palates some 500 years later. “Malt” is a clue — by today’s definitions it might have been a single or a blended malt, as opposed to grain, but was it distilled solely by our fair friar or a whole cadre of monks? And how much was kept in reserve? And exactly how did they build on the ancient traditions in this, the world’s first known scotch distillery, from the original Celtic alchemy of fermentation? Oh, the mysteries …