Shava's photos of Castle Fever

Elashava bas Riva shares views of the Castle Fever 2010/Tournament of Chivalry, which took place recently in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Shava writes:

The day was definitely hot but that didn't stop a dozen or so of Northshield's Chivalry to take the field to fight, train and watch fighters from around the kingdom. I thought allowing the unbelted fighters a chance to have an Unbelted Speed Tournament early on so that when they got around to the Whack-a-knight portion of the event it wouldn't hurt as much was a nice touch. :D The archery field nearby saw many training (though my pictures don't do justice of the number of archers who were out honing their skills). Luckily for the rest of us there were a number of day camps, so we could find respite from the heat in shade, cool breezes, cooler beverages and conversation.

I had fun playing with some new camera equipment and I think many of the results are pretty decent although some shots that I thought I had gotten were not what I expected or I missed altogether. I apologize for those worthy gentles honoured in TRM's Court since I definitely had problems with my focus in a situation where there were multiple subjects and I was that
close. **sigh** Hopefully your friends got some of the pictures I missed. Anyway, that all being said, my view of Saturday can be found online.


Usual post-script: As always, for my  pictures, feel free to leave comments and help me label the  pictures; use any picture for SCA purposes; ask me to delete something if you don't like it via private message. Feel free to share with your friends and family. And even steal some to post on Facebook or in your blogs or whatever (credit is kind of nice but not necessary).

I remain, in service to the Northshield, our Society, and most of all, to the populace~~


Elashava bas Riva, CL, CP, Northshield Kingdom Chronicler