Update on Baron Koppel

Lord Aleksandr, of Trimaris, provides an update on Baron Koppel, an early Knight in the East Kingdom and in Trimaris, whose battle with mental illness and poverty has sparked a local relief effort. Aleksandr writes:

This is a further update on the condition of one of our early leading knights and heralds, still suffering from chronic depression and in need of your help. Baron Koppel, fourth Knight of the East, (when it still included Florida!) (mka Kenneth Levenson) remains at his home, which he is sharing with a tenant who has been repairing the place in lieu of rent.

But Koppel is not really motivated except when it comes to helping others at Society meetings, said Sanchia the Sly (mka Bev Kaufman), a founder of the fund to aid him and keep him from being taken back into state custody for the Floridian "crime" of chronic depression.

"At least he still remains out of the clutches of the state," Sanchia said today. "Financially the situation's very grim," and some of those helping him have run out of money, she said. He is living on less than $350 a month in Social Security benefits, and support from SCAdians who knew him when - or have been helped by him since he returned to the fold.

According to Aleksandr, the email address that appeared in SCAtoday.net's previous article about Baron Koppel is no longer active. The current contact is Elizabeth FitzRandolph (954) 772-6620, or Lord Aleksandr at aleksandr@razler.net .

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