Medieval Marketplace Site Debuts

Medieval Marketplace, a new web site for Renaissance and SCAdian reenactors to buy and sell personal items, is similar to eBay (TM) except that it uses fixed prices rather than auctions. "Medieval Marketplace is designed to be a place where you can go to buy and sell items that are of interest to those who share our interests. If you are looking for Period encampments, you can find it here. If you want to sell your SCA starter helm because you got a new one for your Birthday, then this is the place!"

As of this writing, the site is so new that very few items are listed, but that will probably change soon. The site owner states that the site should be fully online by approximately November 1.

A commission percentage is deducted from the sale price of each item, at the time of sale. There are no up-front fees for posting a classified advertisement of an item for sale.