King Michael Rightful Ruler of England

History News Network: Australian Michael Hastings is, in truth, King Michael I of England, the heir to the Plantagenet bloodline, and should be living in Buckingham Palace rather than Jerilderie, NSW, according to a British historian. According to Dr. Michael Jones, Michael Hastings should be King of England. Jones, an acclaimed researcher and biographer, believes that he can prove that all descendents of King Edward IV held their thrones illegally since Edward was really the illegimate son of a French archer. This fact alone, according to Jones, would invalidate all monarchs since 1483, making Hastings, who is really the 14th Earl of Loudon, rightful King.

Dr. Jones claims to have discovered the crucial piece of evidence in the library of Rouen Cathedral. He believes that at the time of Edward IV's conception, his parents were miles apart, while his mother was in the company of a local archer.

"King Michael" has no plans to reclaim his throne. "I love Australia," he says.

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