Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter elevated to Order of the Laurel in Drachenwald

Vivat for Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter, newest member of the Order of the Laurel in Drachenwald.

At Winchester Pilgrimage this past Friday evening, Their Majesties Thorvaldr II and Fiona II instructed Their faithful order of the Laurel to assemble and escort Lady Melisende Fitzwalter to her vigil, to contemplate induction into the Order.

Lady Melisende spent this evening receiving those who would offer their counsel and thoughts, both in a group and individually.

On Saturday, following the pilgrimage to Winchester Cathedral and tourney, Their Majesties held court and called the candidate.

Duchess Nerissa de Saye, Companion of the Laurel, and a fellow illuminator and scribe, Praised Melisende's mastery of illumination, proclaiming her amongst the most skilled in the known world, and lauded her passion for period materials and techniques. She also spoke of Melisende's willingness to work, and produce beautiful works, on short notice, working even at events full of distractions, and also of the lady's disarming modesty, so willing to admire the work of others and so reticent about her own work. She declared Melisende to be her peer and equal.

The words of Sir Marcus Eisenwald, Duke of Drachenwald, were conveyed by his squire Lord Giles Rochester, Melisende's husband, and His Grace spoke of Melisende's determination and steadfastness in pursuing her arts, and declared her his peer.

Dom Duarte Goncalves de Montes, Companion of the Pelican, spoke of Melisende's embodiment of service in Insulae Draconis, of her holding of offices in the region as Chronicler and Chatelaine, and most recently in establishing the office of Chamberlain to support Their Highnesses of the Principality. He declared her his peer.

Her Majesty Fiona Wiggins, as a Lady of the Rose, spoke of Melisende's grace, and her courtesy, and confirmed that Melisende carried and represented these qualities, as anyone who knows the lady will know.

Lady Solange de la Fortresse spoke as one of the populace of the Principality. She spoke from the heart, saying that she and her family had lived in three kingdoms, and she'd never met someone who embodied beauty the way Melisende did; in all the things she turned her hand to, she made them beautiful.

Lady Melisende, as an apprentice of Master Etienne Fevre, reminded him of the oaths and fealty she had freely and willingly entred as his vassal, and she asked if she had lawfully fulfilled all covenants, and thus could be released from his service.

Baron Etienne agreed, and accepted that their contract had come to a suitable end, and received her belt returned to him, as symbol of their contract ended, and with joy and sadness both released her from her oaths and sent her forth from his house.

Their Majesties called for the symbols of the order to be brought forth. Lady Melisende was robed with the kingdom Laurel cloak of green velvet, worked with broidered Laurels, and crowned with a circlet of fresh Laurel leaves.

Her Highness AEringunnr gave Melisende her own medallion, whose lineage started with AEringunnr herself, in her first homeland of An Tir. She stated she was pleased to pass it to Melisende, as it was appropriate to come from the first Princess of Insulae Draconis to the first Peer elevated in the new principality.

Their Majesties then heard and accepted Melisende's oath, and confirmed her as a companion of the order, and named her henceforth as Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter.

She was welcomed into the order by Master Etienne, Duchess Nerissa, HE Judith de Northumbria and Her Highness AEringunnr, and then with great acclaim by the members of the populace.

This is a true account of the events I witnessed at the court at Winchester Pilgrimage in West Dragon'shire, AS 45 held at the Hospital of St Cross and Almshouse of Noble Poverty, founded by Henry of Blois, Bishop of Winchester to King Henry I of England.

Your servant, Genevieve la flechiere