[WES] Mid-Summers Revel

Tis a beautiful place, well into the mountains bordering Rivenoak, so many trees that everyone can have a shady camp. The Feather River but a short stroll from your camp. Large Tree covered Eriks. A street of stores, nooks, craneys and balconies, oh what a wondrous battleground.

"Battleground?" you say; yes, we will have both heavy and rapier events. Both with individual and team competitions.

Less I forget…. 2 stages for bardic, so dust off that "OLD" song, story or poem and have some fun…..Filks are seriously encouraged.

Oh yes…. The brewers guild has planned a surprise for us… so all of you who brew (this includes Soda) contact Chancellor Bran MacMurraugh of the West Kingdom Brewers Guild.
Ladies, we did not forget you. We have planned special contests:

  • His Lordships Dinner Toss: This is a 2 part contest: Part one: "The Rant", here voice is given as to the reasons his dinner is being tossed. Part two: "The Toss" How far can Ye fling it?
  • Goat Milking (we have wooden goats): Team event, this event will show how well the Lady has trained her Lord… more on this later.

Rivenoaks' gifted culinary talent will stock a Stone Soup Kitchen until midnight, so there will be hot food available on your arrival.

A large feasting area is available to all. On Saturday, Hyme will be preparing his Roast Chicken and Ribs as a Baronial fund raiser (pre-order please)

So mark the 6th, 7th and 8th of August on your calendars for FUN and Frivolity at THE BARONY OF RIVENOAK'S MID-SUMMERS REVEL

Merchants are encouraged… please contact the Autocrat Hyme MacMillan

The site is Twain California, 17 miles west of Quincy on Hwy 70.