Pennsic 39 Chirurgeon's Point Announcement

Pennsic 39 Chirurgeon-in-Charge Master James Galloway requests that Chirurgeons planning to work at First Aid Point at Pennsic send their paperwork to him as soon as possible.

Hawk writes:

Greetings to the Known World Chirurgeons from James Galloway, better known as "Hawk". Hopefully this missive finds everyone in good health. I have  been chosen to be the CIC for this year's Pennsic War (39) and expect that this Pennsic will be another good one for all.

Since 1986 I have served the Chirurgeonate as a Mentor, as the Kingdom of the East's Kingdom Chirurgeon (2001-2005), and Deputy Society Chirurgeon (2007-2010). Pennsic services have included working at Point for numerous years as a treatment provider and crew chief, as well as second in command/drop dead deputy and Pennsic War Chirurgeon.

I have also been the Pennsic Fire Safety guy,  as well as working on the contingency plans for the past 3 Pennsics. There have been other Inter-Kingdom events such as Atlantia's "Kingdom Crusades" in which I have also been CiC. When not Chirugeoning, I enjoy heavy weapons fighting and also serve as a Marshal.

Mundanely I am James Rosse, NYS EMT-B, Firefighter, Rescue Technician, and Nationally Registered Fire Service Instructor.
At this time, I would like to remind everyone that Pennsic is coming and that I'm looking forward to working with all of you. To expedite the process, I am inviting folks to send me their paperwork in advance. This way, when you're ready to volunteer at the point, all you need to do is check in!

Dom Galefridus Peregrinus (
Lord Od Thorgestsson Skallagrimssonar (
Master Robin Gallowglass (
Lady Svanhildr Karlsdottir (

--James "Hawk" Galloway