[WES] Winter's Gate A&S Collegium

The Barony of Winter’s Gate invites you to an A&S collegium weekend, June 4th through the 6th.  Sir Geoffrey Scott and Countess Étaín du Pommier, OL will be visiting from central kingdom to share their knowledge and skills with us. 

The schedule is as follows (and fully subject to change if needed):

Friday June 4th:  The site will open at 4:30 pm so that the armoring can get a good start. This evening is not in garb as it is an informal evening to get to know everyone, schmooze, start armoring, and so that the travelers can all arrive.  At 6pm there will be dinner, Spaghetti, provided by the group. Countess Etain will be leading a roundtable discussion on the
Virtues during the dinner session.

Saturday June 5th: Site will open at 10am and garb is requested.  Armorers should make sure to bring clothes that can handle being dirty and possibly a bit torn up. Lunch will be 1-2pm and there will be soups and breads available. Dinner will be at 6pm and is Potluck.  Please bring a dish to share. 

Sunday June 6th: Site will open at noon. All leftovers will be available for munching through the day.  Classes will end no later than 5pm, with the site closing at 6pm. 

This site is a private home, owned by Lord Daithi’. It is a non-smoking home, and the resident dog will be residing elsewhere for the weekend, so there will be no pets on the premises.  We do ask that if you have portable chairs, that you please bring them as there might not be enough seating available.  The site is wet, but moderate consumption is requested.

Because this is a private home and a small site, we firmly request that you RSVP if you intend to attend the collegium.  WE REALLY NEED THE NUMBERS ATTENDING TO PLAN THE FOOD AND SITE SET UP!  Please, Please, Please RSVP!
This workshop is open to everyone, and if housing is needed, please just let me know. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, contact me either here on list, or off list at motherchaos@gci.net

There is no fee for this collegium, but donations are greatly appreciated.

Class schedule is TBA, but the topics are listed below.  I am not setting up a structure for the classes as  I am allowing the teachers and students to decide when the classes should happen.  We will create a “Schedule” on Friday.