[WES] Baronial Changeover

There comes the time when an old chapter ends and a new one begins. Come bear witness therefore to the passing of the Baronial circlets as Georg of Glacier's Edge and Katarzina Porjaski complete their reign as Baron and Baroness of Selviergard and hand over the care of the Barony to Their successors. T'will be a time of remembrance, tourneys, feasting and games for all! 

Homemade soup will be available for travelers on Friday evening. On Saturday there will be soup and bread and a lunch basket auction. That evening the traditional potluck feast with the Barony providing the meats and breads. There will be an outdoor cooking facility set up to prepare/warm up foods onsite. Bring potluck dishes by birth month: January to June: side dish, July to December: salad/dessert. Sunday morning there will a donation breakfast. No other meals will be provided, so bring enough sustenance to last through the weekend!

Lord Alaryn Aecenstaeff, our favorite Brewmeister, will be setting up the infamous Drunken Dervish Tavern in the main pavilion! In addition to an ample supply of different handcrafted beers, a non-alcoholic beverage will be available.

Baroness Margery of Winter's Gate has graciously agreed to organize a couple children's activities for the treasures. Your help in minding the smalls will be most welcome. If you have young ones, please plan on giving an hour of your time to help entertain them. Granny Heleyne will hold a story hour on Saturday evening for all children.

Traditional Selviergard games, old and new, will be played throughout the weekend. Try your hand at Rock, the poor Viking's answer to Boccie! Bring your own Rock, decorate it at home, or prettify it onsite, paint will be supplied, brushes if you're lucky. Stephen and Fathir have been putting their heads together to keep us entertained.

The Offensive Ball – begins at the Drunken Dervish after the Feast on Saturday. Put on your wildest garb and get really silly. The de la Bere's are in charge of this one! Only one caveat... no woad! Prize given to the Most Offensive garb, to be determined by popular vote.

Let us see what you've been doing! An A&S Display will be set out on Saturday to show off your handiwork, bring all your finished projects or works in progress.

A&S Contest – Best Viking Heraldic Display: banners, shields – bring it all, prize given for the best decorated campsite. Need ideas or information? Contact Two Bears, the Selviergard Herald, at thomassorngrym@yahoo.com. The winner will be announced at Feast.

A&S Classes:
Mistress Sighni Ivarsdotter will be offering Sprang classes for both beginner and advanced.
The class is $5 for supplies and an additional $5 if you want to keep the frame. If you already have a frame, please bring it.

Beginning Calligraphy – Lady Roewyn Blaine will teach you how to write your name. There will be a $3 charge for a pen for the class, unless you bring your own.

Heavy Combat Offensive Cup Tourney – Saturday. Gear up and bring it on! For more information on the fighting contact Lord Varyag at eldertroth888@yahoo.com.

Rapier Tourney – Saturday
Come one, come all, to honor Her Excellency Katya Baroness of Selviergard and enter her Rapier Champion's Prize Tourney.  Viscountess Bianca wishes to honor Her Excellency one last time by hosting a prize tourney in Her honor.  All authorized fighters are invited to enter and show their prowess on the field. And who knows perhaps you will be the one to claim victory on the field this day and win a prize!!

4th Annual Offensive Cup Rapier Tourney – Sunday
It's time once again for that great and treasured relic, Alaryn's Offensive Cup, to be passed on to the next worthy successor of this noble honor.  Do you have what it takes to wrest the prize from the grip of the current holder, Sir Georg of Glaciers Edge?  Come test your mettle in Oertha's only ongoing rapier prize tourney.  Add your name to the list of dignitaries who have held this honor and win the right to display this revered trophy on your mantle for the next year.

Target Archery Marshal Class – Sunday
This class will go over the target archery rules, regulations and line commands.  At the end of instruction, those attending will have the option of becoming Archery Marshals at Large.
Site Information: Residence of Stephen and Valentina de la Bere, 24657 Sunnyside, Willow, Alaska.  Site opens at 6:00 pm Friday night and closes at 8:00 pm Sunday. Offload vehicles in the driveway, camping and parking instructions will be posted. RSVP-ing with your pavilion type/size is greatly appreciated. Site is discretely wet, no mundane containers! Fires in above ground fire pits only, split firewood is available. Be aware there could be wildlife in the area.

Site Fee: Adults $15.00, Children 7-13 $10.00, Family Cap $40.00. Non-Member surcharge $3.00

Autocrat: Heleyne of Avebury aboundingjoy@mtaonline.net.

Directions: From Anchorage: take the Parks highway to about mile 70. Turn left on Willow Creek Parkway, left on Sunny Brook and right onto Sunny Side. From all points North: make your best way to about Mile 70 of the Parks Highway, turn right onto Willow Creek Parkway, etc. (signs will be posted)