[EAS] Panteria XV

Warm breezes have melted the snow from our Caledonian mountaintops, and Spring has come to paint our vistas green. The time has come to emerge from our winter's refuge by the fireside, and to play once more on fields of soft grasses. It is time to air our pavilions and tents, and gather together to tell stories of great deeds around the campfire ... and to add a few more tales for years to come.

Once again, it is time for the good people in the Eastern lands to turn their thought toward War!

After 14 years at the Kahagon Resort that many of you are familiar with, Panteria XV is moving to a new location in order to better accommodate this year's King's and Queen's Equestrian Championships.

This year Panteria will be held at Camp Farnsworth, a Girl Scout Camp on Lake Abenaki in Thetford, Vermont. 

The Camp has three riding rings and a stable with 12 or more stalls, a large dining hall, flush toilets, many camp type cabins with beds (including a couple of tree cabins) a dozen or more hot showers,  and several large camping areas.  We firmly believe the move is worth while, at least for this year.

In this year, Anno Societatis XLV, on the 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st of the Merry month of May, the Shire of Panther Vale is pleased to invite old friends and new to join us for Panteria XV.

What's Happening?

  • Equestrian Championships
  • Competitions, more competitions. Maybe a jousting demo ?
  • Archery
  • Long Bows and Cross Bows, and a Royal Round or two.
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Novice Competition, 3 categories; A & S display; Brewing Pentathlon.
  • Children's Activities
  • Games and fun. Illuminations. Belching.
  • Coffee House
  • Sunday Evening. Great Friends. The Bards at their best.
  • Fire Dancing
  • Fire Dancing
  • Fencing
  • Tavern Brawl, Rapier - who knows? Come be a part of it..
  • Feasting Feast at 6 pm on Saturday;
  • Heavy List Fighting
  • Heavy List, Castle and Bridge Battles, Newbie Tourney, Amazing Wheel of Weapons.
  • Merchants
  • Merchants' Row will be set up along the road again. Merchants list within. Remember, there is no extra charge for you to set up along Merchants' Row.
  • Thrown Weapons
  • Javelin, Axes, Knives, Darts, and other personal Battle Gear.
  • Youth Combat
  • Woods, Melee, Tourney. Plumbing supplies and Chivalry.
  • The Moonlight Ball
  • English Country dancing at its best.

Event Fees and Reservations:
Site Fees for the weekend:
Prepaid reservation postmarked by May 21st with copies of cards if possible to speed your check in, email confirmation if you give us your address.

    * Adults  (18 and up) $20
    * Youth  (6-17) $10
    * Children (5 and under) Free
    * Family cap $60
    * Nonmember surcharge of $3

Weekend at the door:

    * Adults (18 and up) $22
    * Youth (6-17) $12
    * Children  (5 and under) Free
    * Nonmember surcharge of $3

Daytripper fees:
Prepaid reservation postmarked by May 21st with copies of cards if possible to speed your check in, Email confirmation if you give us your email address.

    * Adults  (18 and up) $10
    * Youth  (6-17) $5
    * Children  (5 and under) Free
    * Family cap  $30
    * Nonmember surcharge of $3

Daytripper fees at the door:

    * Adults (18 and up) $11
    * Youth  (6-17) $6
    * Children  (5 and under) Free
    * Nonmember surcharge of $3

Cabin, Adirondak or tent space:

* Cabin, Adirondak or tents are avaliable for those that wish not to bring their own. Fees are $10 for all three Nights for pre-registered folks or $5 per night for at the door. These are PER PERSON rates. We will do our best to accomidate groups wishing to camp together.

Feast Fees:

* Feast reservations are $10 for pre-registered and $15 for at the door and limited to the first 150 paid reservations, so please reserve early in order to assure yourself a place at the table.  Feasts sell out early so remember the only assurance is a paid reservation.