[LOC] La Prova Dura

In the tradition of our forefathers of the West, the time draws near for all noble combatants to find the truth of all measure. The time has come to test one’s physical and mental prowess upon the field of noble combat and to display proof of virtue and earn renown for the love of one’s consort and devotion to their household. The proof of endurance exposes true honour and prowess through the spectacle of tournament.

This event consists of two tournaments. The first, on Saturday, is La Prova Dura (The Proof of Duration), a multi-field round robin tournament. Each combatant shall face each other combatant upon his field, culminating in a round robin final between the winners from each field. To stand victorious here demonstrates skill of the highest calibre and endurance through an epic combat experience.

The second, on Sunday, will hold La Prova di Amore (The Proof of Love) were the combatants of La Prova Dura who have been chosen and deemed worthy by the Ladies of the gallery, based on their honour, courtesy and chivalry, compete to bring exceptional honour to their consorts in gratitude for the inspiration they bestow.

The Barony of Innilgard invites you to attend and compete and witness this display of prowess, virtue and endurance, which will only be held every second year.

Requests for Combatants

  • Heraldry- In keeping with the pageantry for the event, each combatant is required to have a banner displaying his or her arms. Also, his or her heraldic theme should extend to surcoats or other persona appropriate attire, shields and livery for retinue. Charges need not be displayed on all items, but the heraldic colour scheme should be continued throughout.
  • Letter of Intent- Each combatant is requested to submit a letter of intent to both the Steward (email below) and the Lochac Fighters list. This letter will allow the other fighters to train for the challenges that will face them. It will also let the autocrat plan for the numbers of fields and support staff needed. If you are unable to put words to paper, please include your name in the subject line for ease of filing.

When:     Friday 24 - Sunday 26 September 2010
Where:     Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide, South Australia)
Crystal Lake Camp, Devereux Street, Macclesfield, SA
Cost:     Accommodated: SCA Member: $90, Non-Member: $95
Camping: SCA Member: $70, Non-Members: $75
Day Rate (No Food): $15 Per Day
Child rates negotiable.

Payment methods available: Cheque (Made out to 'SCA Innilgard'), Money Order, or Direct Deposit. For bank account details please see Booking Form.

Please note: the cut-off date for booking is Friday 17 September.

La Prova Dura is a Fully Catered event. If there are any dietary requirements or particular needs please contact the Steward.
International participants: send e-mail to  icedragon_777 (at) yahoo.com.au