[LOC] Lindisfarne 2010

Lindisfarne 2010

Where: Rimu Park, Yaldhurst Road, Christchurch
When: 4pm Friday June 4 to 3pm Monday June 7

James Piesse: jpiesse@gmail.com
Sam-wOOt; wootduosmaster@gmail.com

Those wishing to day-trip should bear in mind that the feast and ball and most amusing of amusements will be on the Saturday evening.

We are still very keen to hear from anyone willing to teach a class, a talk or a show-and-tell session on an aspect of medieval or renaissance life (and death). Please contact us. We will attempt to make the schedule fit your whims.

Entertainments are to include but not be limited to:

  • semi-civilized wine tasting
  • wine making
  • a leatherworking class
  • a rapier class
  • a basic metalworking class
  • many fighting classes
  • combat archery stuff
  • a ball and other dancing
  • Bonfire! Roasted Nuts!
  • outside fighty stuff
  • period games
  • pretty excellent food
  • a fine feast cooked by Tim and Alison
  • a repast cooked by wOOt-Sam
  • cooked breakfasts and lunches
  • a soup kitchen on Friday night (soup and bread)
  • long-ship building
  • the tassel-kicking contests

About the site and accommodation

Rimu Park has a large hall with alcoves coming off it, which will be curtained off to give some privacy to sleep in. There are ample spaces for tents for those who wish to camp. If you are not camping, you will need some kind of mattress and sufficient bedding. It will probably be cold.

There are hot showers on site but they are not super amazing. You can, however, get clean and damp. Please be considerate of the people you're going to be around for four days, and make use of those showers.

Alcohol is permitted, but modern bottles and so on should be covered or poured into a medievalesque drinking vessel or jug. Anyone unsafely or obnoxiously drunk will be asked to leave the event and the same applies to any illegal drug use. Persons under the legal drinking age (18) should not be drinking alcohol on site. If we find out you will be asked to leave.

If you do manage to hurt yourself there will be at least two people about who are able to look after you to some degree. They are Sam and Nigel. There will be a basic First Aid kit.

The kitchen will be fully sorted, and the meal plan will not leave you hungry. Those with special dietary issues will need to contact Sam to sort out how we're going to feed you.

Cash is preferable, to be paid in advance except by prior arrangement
Cheques are to be made out to the University of Canterbury Medieval and Renaissance Society

For those who do not have feast gear, Honest Bjorn will be at the event with his range of wares to sell (I.e., he'll be selling feast gear for a good price; bring money and buy off him.)

Bookings need to be in by May 29th!