[ANT] Lionsdale Champions

The Shire of Lionsdale once again will assemble to behold the challengers compete in becoming our new Champions of Armoured Combat, Target Archery, and Combat Archery! We entreat all those who would bear the honour of our Shire's name, to challenge for the title of Champion of Lionsdale. We also beckon our neighbours and friends from far and wide to show their support for these challengers, and cheer them on through their attendance at our event.

There will be activities of all kinds in addition to the above championships, as we strive to indulge those who would grace us with their companionship. Further details can be found at a later date on the Kingdom Calendar and the Lionsdale website.

Please join us July 23 to 25, 2010 in Aldergrove BC. Site opens at 5 pm on Friday, and closes at 3 pm on Sunday.

Merchants are welcome; there is no merchant fee. We would be appreciative of a donation; however if your wares are of great value, we would like to purchase an item of your craftsmanship at cost, so that our new Champions may be enriched as befits their achievement. Please contact the merchant stewards at your earliest convenience to discuss this, and advise of the space that you require.

Regretfully, there will be no thrown weapons Champion tournament again this year. Should anybody be interested in running any thrown weapons activities, please contact the event steward, who will arrange time and space. Please note that any participants must supply their own equipment.

Event steward:
Geira inn hárfagra
email: kimberly_m@shaw.ca

Merchant stewards:
Tomas de Courcy & Kayleigh de Leis
email: tomas@noaharney.com and/or kayleigh@noaharney.com
Site fee:
Adults: $15.00 (+$5.00 NMS)
Youth (ages 13 to 18): $10.00
Children (ages 12 and under): no charge
Family cap (Applies to modern related families, maximum two adults): $40.00 plus applicable NMS.
Cheques should be made out to "Shire of Lionsdale".
Site Info:
Name: Donatello's Farm
25133 Zero Ave.
Aldergrove, BC V4W 2H4
Directions to Site:
>From the East: Make your best way to HWY 1. Take HWY 1 West. Get off at 264, heading South. Turn Right at 0 Ave. Event is on your right hand side after 256 St and before 248 St.
>From the West: Make your best way to HWY 1. Take HWY 1 East. Get off at 264, heading South, follow directions above.
>From the South: Make your best way to Guide Meridian (WA539, Meridian St. or exit 256 on the I5.) Cross the Border at Lynden/Aldergrove crossing. Turn left at 0 Ave. Event is on your right hand side after 256 St and before 248 St.