[DRA] Insulae Draconis Coronet Tourney

Hear ye, ye folk of the Principality of Insulae Draconis! As our Prince and Princess must be first in our land - in skill and strength, in wisdom and beauty - so it is needful for them to establish their succession with heirs of equal merit.

To this end, we call the armoured fighters of our Principality, and the consorts who fill their hearts with courage and honour on the field, to come forth for our Second Coronet Tourney. Likewise, we call all the folk of Insulae Draconis to witness, that ye may stand forth to speak of the prowess, honour, and inspiration of said heirs when their day of rule comes, and of the courage and skill of those who stood to test their mettle in the great tournament.

20th-22nd August, 2010
Petersburg Outdoor Education Centre,
Clonbur (An Fhairche),
Co. Galway,

Please send all bookings to m'Lady Hilkka Susinen, our Reservations Steward Hildegard_simboeck@yahoo.co.uk
Prices are as follows
Bed for all nights, feast and all other food €50
Tent for all nights, feast and all other food €30
Day trip with feast €24
Child prices - Half price from 6 -16 years
There is limited crash space available.